• Qui sommes nous ?
    Qui sommes nous ?
    Nous sommes présents au Luxembourg et dans le grand quart nord-est.
  • Nos Activités
    Nos Activités
    Maintenance industrielle et travaux neufs...
  • Réalisations
    Tuyauterie - Chaudronnerie, Charpente métallique, Transfert Industriel...


MERITECH S.A is specialized in industrial maintenance, asbestos removal, new constructions, transfer and modifications of industrial production lines.

Present in Luxembourg and in the north-east part of France, MERITECH accompanies you in your projects of technical solution until the realization.

Our Activities

Industrial Maintenance
Industrial Maintenance
New Construction
New Construction
Piping - Boilermaking
Piping – Boilermaking
All our Activities
All our activities …

Our main sectors are iron and steel industry, automobile, rail, cement, nuclear, energy, food and environment.

Our businesses are mechanics, piping, boilermaking, metalwork, locksmithing, welding, electro-mechanics, automation, asbestos removal, assembly, lifting and rising.