Industrial Maintenance

Our business, the maintenance of your facilities

Through its various activities, MERITECH has a recognized competence and an important experience in the management of your interventions, modifications or improvements.

The constraints of your installations in maintenance are important and multiple. Our interventions are usually done in factory. It is therefore necessary to have:

  • An important knowledge of the safety rules
  • A rigorous preparation
  • A precise prefabrication
  • Intervention teams competent, available and organized
  • An irreproachable writing of interventions files

Our resources and skills

Recurring maintenance – Unit stops:

  • Permanent presence on many industrial sites
  • Experience in maintenance and construction activities
  • Strong culture in study and method

The integration of all our businesses allows us to master all stages of contracts and maintenance partnerships.

Our approach of fixed-price contracts allows us to optimize our customers’ production equipment by building a methodology based on four fundamental pillars:

  • Prevention
  • Skills
  • Formations
  • actions