Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a natural mineral material that has been widely used in buildings and industrial processes since the 1960s to be banned in 1997 because of serious diseases that may be caused by inhalation of fibers.

Whether in rehabilitations, demolition, reconversion of site or process, asbestos removal is a major environmental constraint governed by a very strict and expensive legislation.

MERITECH offers to use its skills to develop optimized decontamination solutions in compliance with the rules.

Certified in different activities:

  • The external structures of buildings
  • The internal structures of buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • The materials and transport equipment

Our resources and skills

Our asbestos removal teams are composed of technical supervisors, site supervisors and site operators. Their polyvalence in trades such as pipefitters, qualified welders, boilermakers, locksmiths, their expertise in heavy handling and work at height, their multiple clearances (CACES 3A + 3B + 4 + 9, CAUS, installation / reception of scaffolding, SST confined space), will allow you to propose solutions adapted to your building sites in the respect of the men, the quality, the safety and the environment.

Expertise and advice

Feasibility study, support for the realization of your specifications, proposals of solutions and technical services.

Our assets

  • Interlocutors who are real asbestos experts
  • Overall management of your projects: studies, withdrawal plan, preparatory work, security, complex containment, asbestos removal and compliance of facilities and / or processes
  • Competence in work at height and complex and heavy handling

Our Certification

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